All natural wheat moonshine.

    Edmonton International Airport

    Upholding the Tradition

  • Red Cup Distillery

    Edmonton International Airport , Alberta, Canada

    Tours at Distillery or www.edmontonbrewerytours.ca

    Authentic Albertan Moonshine

    100% Wheat / Water - The way it used to be done.


    With all the big distillers in operations for 100 years we are creating the liquor that Canadians drink on the farm. And it was considered better than government liquor. This was before sugar shine.


    We are now producing Vodka and Natural Juice Vodkas upholding the tradition of quality ingredients and natural juice.


    We work with dozens of experts in agriculture and enjoy selling the great Canadian grains to the world in a bottle.

    Copper Pot Still

    Traditional copper pot stills made in Edmonton Alberta. The craftsmanship being passed by experienced moonshine still manufacturers to a new generation. No batch style column stills from a catalogue here.

    Open Fermentation

    Open fermentation allows for additional character to the whisky. All natural.

    Alberta and USA

    Canada has always made good spirits and we have inroads in 18 USA states this last year and are now working direct with some Alberta stores.  Call for a tour by appointment only.

    100% Natural. No filters.

    Moonshiners were paid for quality spirit and the bootleggers would extend the spirit with additives, flavors, botanicals. Aging was required by governments to ensure taxes were paid. We are "Upholding Tradition"

  • Copper Pot Still

    No Catalogues Here, Just craftsmen with "shit on their boots not in their boots"


    Farmers are the key to good liquor

    Storage and Seed Cleaning

    A necessary step for quality spirits


    Natural enzymes


    No additives or nutrients just grandma's yeast

    Hard Work

    Natural processes do not work on the clock.


    High protein feed to free range pork. Mom and Pa farmers benefiting from our spent mash.

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    3675 44 Ave East EIA - 200 meters north of the Renaissance Hotel

  • Edmonton

    It is the gateway to cultures who have made liquor for centuries and in WW2 gave its children to the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry which saved my family. We all made moonshine to survive difficult times and the standard was higher than bootlegged or rumrunners liquor. Red Cup is upholding the tradition of a different time when chemicals were not used.

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