Red Cup Distillery is a craft distillery in Vegreville using local grain, in house green malt and prairie moonshine recipes in a locally made 250 gallon pot still and open wood fermenters. "Upholding the Tradition."

Most of Alberta and the cities were supplied by traders and blenders however the farmers who immigrated from Central Europe carried a thousand year old tradition. A small population with very few police to patrol the vast prairie expanses allowed the tradition to continue without interference.

Wheat, barley and rye of the prairies are similar to Ireland, Scotland and the Ukraine.  Corn liquor "grew" from American necessity in the south but today is the primary spirit available.  Neutral Grain Spirit (NGS) is 95% alcohol and can be used as fuel (ethanol) or diluted, aged and bottled into many common spirits with no particular character. The pot still is the original method of distilling, it retains the flavors and the impurities are thrown out.  

Upholding the Tradition

‚ÄčOpen Dec 4, 2015 for Alberta Boostr and Dec 6, 2015 for the Public

Vegreville, Alberta, Canada