Pure, no-fuss vodka made in a simple, no-frills way. Just wheat, water, yeast distilled using traditional knowhow. A superior and affordable sip.

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Spirit of Tradition

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Wheat. Water. That’s all we really need to distill 100% natural vodka. And we do it using traditional handcrafted copper stills - just the way prairie farmers did during WW2 to survive tough times. Red Cup is upholding this chemical-free tradition from a different time. Pure. Simple. True. Vodka.

What makes our vodka better?

The simple answer is the pure wheat, water, and air of the prairies. What’s more, we work with a master distiller who has designed and built copper stills across the globe.

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Office: 5255 36 St E, Edmonton International Airport, AB T9E 0V4
Phone: (780) 603-3040
Email: rob@redcupdistillery.ca