About Us

Why ‘Red Cup’?

"Everybody but the queen drinks out of red solo cups." While it was originally meant for the hardworking blue-collar class, our brand is about affordable quality. It is about inclusivity. It is for everybody.

How do we distill?

Our vodka is triple distilled. We bring the alcohol content down to 10% twice, and then finish by running it through carbon and carbon silver filters. This lends the perfect hint of wheat.

What makes our vodka better?

The simple answer is the pure wheat, water, and air of the prairies. What’s more, we work with a master distiller who has designed and built copper stills across the globe.

March 2015

We discover the classic tradition of distilling on the farm.

December 2015

We get licensed.


A year of rapid growth.


We outgrow the farm. Time to relocate to a bigger facility.


We officially start distilling at our Edmonton location near the International Airport.


We decide to move away from moonshine and focus on vodka instead. Why? Our traditional distilling methods naturally enable us to create higher quality vodka at an affordable price.


We expand our Edmonton facility because of rising volume and demand.